Ponderay Golden’s Presents:

MK’s Dixie Of The South





 Heart: OFA Normal

Eyes: OFA Normal

Hips:  OFA Prelimb Good


Elbows: OFA Prelimb Normal

Ichthyosis: Normal/Clear

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

PRA 1: Clear

PRA 2: Clear

PRA,Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration: Clear

Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy: Clear

NCL: Clear


Dixie was tested for these with “Embark” you can go to there website for a great explanation on each disease.

Achievements: “Windi” is a beautiful Medium to dark gold with lighter highlights, Windi weights in at 57 lbs,  she is a very happy girl and talks to prove it.   She is light on her feet and as fast as the wind. She is serious about retrieving and in the field she just does not give up till she finds her bird. She is hard driving and strong, goes all day though deep thick grass and loves every minute of it with her tail wagging the whole time. She is such a pleasure to be around and a love bug to boot. We are very happy with Windi as an addition to our program and she has a pedigree of great field champions!  Her sisters are also included in our breeding line up, Willow and Shylo.

Pedigree of “Windi” SR97756304

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

HR MK’s Rowdy Boys Raisin A Ruckus “JH”





 HRCH UH Heldt’s Mr Strike 3 Your Out


 HR UH Heldts Mr Hunter, SN64472103
SHR High Spirited Double X Gabby, SN73050210
HRCH UH Emma Fee Payne


 HRCH  Knight Payne Stewart, SN70775908
 HRCH UH Princess Bridgett Gldn Amber Ace, MH SN78234602



MK’s Shania Maccool



Rockerin Fionn Maccool, JH, WCX


NDC MNFR Rockerin Red River Ruckus***


JFR Cedarpond Rockerin Tyree Tu, JH, SN91320804
MK’s Annie’s Jessica


 MK’s Benelli, SN91588702
MK’s Annie May, SN68748504