Health Warranty

Buyer’s Initals________We guarantee this puppy to be in good health at the time of the sale.  The buyer has 5 days to take the puppy to their veterinarian.  If the buyer is not satisfied with their new puppy it can be returned within one week, at the buyer’s expense, for a replacement puppy of equal value or the full refund of the purchase price determined by Ponderay Goldens.

Replacement Puppy Warranty

Buyer’s Initals________Ponderay Golden’s, the breeder, warranties this puppy against hip and elbow dysplasia and hereditary eye disease for the first two years of age.

The warranty only applies if x-rays are taken when the dog reaches, 24 months (2 years old) and NOT older than 26 months of age and evaluated by the “OFA”. No dog over 26 months of age will be covered. We will only honor “OFA” readings. If they diagnose that the dog is dysplasia then the buyer will qualify for a replacement puppy. If the puppy has been bred before the x-rays have been evaluated by OFA, this portion of the warranty is Null and Void. The puppy buyer must send “Ponderay Golden’s”, documents from OFA stating that the dog is dysplasia. The dysplasia dog must be spayed or neutered and documents from the vet sent to “Ponderay Golden’s”. To qualify for a replacement puppy, you can keep the puppy but it has to be spayed or neutered, the replacement puppy will cost 1/2 the price of a puppy or you can return the puppy and a replacement puppy is free.  At that time the breeder will replace the dog with a puppy of like quality (when available). If the owner of the dysplasia dog does not want to deal with the dog it may be returned to the breeder.

Hereditary eye disease: The dog must be examined by a certified veterinarian ophthalmologist by 12 months of age. No dog over 24 months is covered. Puppy buyer must provide ‘Ponderay Golden’s”, with the exam results if there is a hereditary eye problem in order to qualify for a replacement puppy.

The seller does not pay any veterinary fees, such as OFA, CERF, shipping of the puppy or dog or any other associated costs.

Specific Health Warranties

Buyer’s Initials________If a finding of evidence of canine hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia in the puppy, between the ages of twenty four (24) and twenty six (26) months.  The diagnosis to be confirmed by a Veterinarian of the SELLER’s choice.  The BUYER acknowledges that environmental conditions can play a role in the development of CHD and ED.  In acceptance of this fact, BUYER agrees that this warranty shall be null and void in the evidence of abuse, accident or injury to the hip and elbow joint.  Furthermore, it is the BUYER’s responsibility to maintain their puppy at the proper weight, as evidenced by veterinary records maintained by the BUYER’s veterinarian, so as to avoid undo stress on the development of the puppy’s hip and elbow joints.  “Proper Weight” is defined as a weight of no more than 10% above average for the breed at all times and during all developmental stages of the puppy’s life.  BUYER agrees that this warranty shall be null and void if their puppy is not maintained in PROPER WEIGHT.  BUYER also recognizes that excessive jumping and running over rough ground can cause damage to the developing hip and elbow joints.  This warranty shall be null and void if the puppy is repeatedly jumped over unsuitable heights in training or trained excessively on rough ground prior to reaching 12 months of age.  BUYER recognizes that neutering or spaying before 14-18 months of age has been linked to bone, cancer and growth problems.  This warranty is null and void if the said puppy is altered before 14 months of age.  The BUYER agrees that SELLER shall be the sole and absolute judge of these conditions.

Right of First Refusal

Buyer’s Initials_________In the event the puppy buyer cannot keep, wishes to sell, transfer ownership or dispose of the dog, the breeder is to be given the “FIRST RIGHT” to buy back the dog/puppy at a reasonable purchase price. Under no circumstances is the puppy or dog to end up in a rescue, pound, human society, etc. All registration forms and clearances must be returned with the dog.

This contract is only valid with the original purchaser of the puppy and is not transferable.


Buyer’s Initials________We sell our puppies on “Limited Registration”, which means the puppy/dog cannot be bred.  For a fee of $500.00 you can purchase AKC Full Registration.   The buyer must complete all the required clearances, (hip, elbows heart & eyes plus a genetic panel) by 26 months of age and send copies to “Ponderay Golden’s”, for there records. Then the dog can be bred. We also require that the abbreviation of “MK’s” be put before the dogs registration name.

In an effort to be a responsible breeder, we request that you contact us with any other health issues that your vet feels may be hereditary.

NuVet Plus & NuVet Joint

Buyer’s Initials_________If you are purchasing a puppy with AKC Limited or AKC FULL REGISTRATION we require you to feed the NuVet Plus & NuVet Joint, it has to be ordered through my website, there is a tab on here to order.  If you do not feed the NuVet this contract is NULL & VOID!  It is very important to have the proper growth/health of the puppy for breeding at 2 years old or older.

What This Does Not Cover

Buyer’s Initials__________This health guarantee DOES NOT cover, hernias/ruptures, hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia (which can be caused by stress of going to a new home), ear mites, other intestinal parasites, fleas/ticks, or any other treatable issues.

I/we the purchaser have read the conditions of this contract and agree to abide by them.

Buyer’s Signature & Date:____________________________________