About Us

Welcome to “Ponderay Golden’s of Idaho”. We are now located in beautiful Athol, Idaho. We are approximately 8 miles to Lake Ponderay, right up the highway from Silverwood Theme Park, 20 miles north of Coeur d Alene, Idaho, 20 miles south of Sandpoint, Idaho, close to¬† Post Falls, Idaho and Spokane, Washington. We started building our new facility the fall of 2019 and moved in June 2021. There is still a ton to do but it’s coming along!

Our first golden was “Kelly” that we got in 1986. Our daughter, Amber took her in “Dog 4-H”, in Oregon and won everything she showed her in. Took overall breed, Best in Show and always cleaned up in Obedience. She proved herself in the field when my husband “Mike”, the big game hunter took up bird hunting. Kelly was a natural, she knew what she was bred to do and that was our first love of this wonderful breed, the Golden Retriever.

We now breed and still hunt them. It is very important to us to breed the working/field Golden Retriever to the same with the most important “health”. Our dogs have there hips, elbows, eyes, heart, as well as a complete genetic panel done before breeding them. We study pedigrees to make the best match. We want to produce the best working, hunting, gun dog and family companion that we can.

We are proud of our family of Golden’s and want our puppy buyers to be just as proud of there new addition.

MK’s Trippin Timber and MK” Benelli welcome you to “The Schnider’s”

The Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers are a versatile hunting retriever that is well suited to cold hunting conditions due to an outer coat that is dense and water repellent. They are a tough and durable breed with good speed and agility and a great love of water. Golden’s will quarter in front of the hunter to flush upland birds and should stay within comfortable gun range. They live to retrieve!

General Appearance
The Golden Retriever is a large breed with a medium length, feathered coat that is double layered and generally ranges from cream to dark golden in color with red hues possible. A deeper red color is also possible. Tails are left full.

Height usually ranges from 20 to 24 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders and weight usually ranges between 50 and 80 pounds.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular family companions in the world due to their exceptionally social nature. Their popularity as pets has resulted in some deviation from hunting roots so the search for a hunting companion should focus on clear hunting lines. They are highly intelligent, very eager to please and easily trained. While not aggressive, they can be good watch dogs because they will raise an alarm with the arrival of strangers.