MK’s Sungold Canyon



MK’s Sungold Canyon will be ready to be adopted to the perfect pet home.  She will be spayed in April after she weans her litter and when she is healed up she will be ready.  Adoption fee $ 600.00    Go to Canyon’s page for pictures and info.






DOB 07/25/2010  AKC #SR63606901

                                                                                   Available for adoption to the perfect home.

As Most of people know we are relocating spring 2021 back home and are cutting back on our breeding program.  We retired Rowdy a year ago and now are looking for his retirement home, not a breeding home!  Yes Rowdy is a very young 10 years old but he still acts like a 2 year old.  He has a lot of energy but is also happy relaxing on the carpet, playing fetch and loves to be groomed.  He cannot be in a home with another male dog or small dogs or cats.  He would do fine with a large breed female to spend to rest of his golden years with.  He can only be a house dog as it’s not fare for him to spend the rest of his retirement in a kennel environment.  You must own your own home, have a fenced yard and be financially stable to take on any retired dog.  References will be asked for like a vet.  If you are interested please fill out the contact information or gmail me.






AKC #SR87697003, DOB  05/23/2015


Whelped: May 23, 2015
OFA Hips ‘Good”
OFA Elbows Prelim “Normal”
OFA Heart “Normal”
OFA Eyes “Normal”
prcd-PRA “Clear” by parentage
PRA1 “Clear” by parentage
PRA2 “Clear”
Ichthyosis “Clear” by parentage
Degenerative Myelopathy “Clear”
Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa “Clear”
Muscular Dystrophy “Clear”
Osteogenesis Imperfecta “Clear”
Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy “Clear”
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL) “Clear”
The genetic tests above are preformed with “Paw Print Genetics” and you can go to there website for a complete explanation on each test!


We have made the tough decision to retire Bullet from our breeding program.  “Bullet” received his AKC Junior Hunter Title in May of 2016 and started his transition training for Senior Hunter Title with one pass before the season ended. He is a very handsome male with a beautiful field hair coat that has the feathering on his tail, legs, chest and belly that is a medium to dark gold, he weights 65 lbs. He has tons of drive and is loving the game. He is a pleasure to work with and loves going to work everyday. He has a very loving personality and wants to please. He is a very talented and focused male with a great future ahead of him as a FAMILY HUNTING DOG.  Bullet loves to go to the field hunting as well as a family best friend. His offspring are proving themselves in the field, as family dogs and dock dogs. Bullet is only available to a family that would like to hunt him.  His sweet personality needs to be in a home as a house dog.  He could use a tune up and we will hunt him this fall when we can get away to hunt.  He is not being sold as a breeder and will only have AKC Limited Registration.





AKC #SS05053001, DOB 4/06/2018

SOLD !!!



 We have made a very hard decision and have decided to place Rose in the perfect home.  She loves people, retrieving and is a stunning female.  Rose has a beautiful blocky head and is golden in color.  She is extremely intelligent and very trainable. Rose started her professional hunt and obedience training in February 2020 with plans to get her AKC JH Title this spring but hunt tests keep getting cancelled with the virus going on.  Rose will continue her training in hopes they open up and she can be ran. Rose does have a lot of energy and would be best in a loving home were she will be part of the family that will hunt her or a Hunt Test dog.  The trainer quoted her as:  Rose will make an awesome hunting dog, she’s a natural, she marks really great and comes right back and delivers to hand.  She has learned very fast, 3 months  of training and she will have, obedience, heel, here, sit on and off leash, force fetch-delivery to hand, collar conditioning, intro to decoys, steady to gunshot.  Rose would be great with children and other male dogs.   She can only go to a family that will have her as a house dog and give her all the love and attention that she deserves.  We are not sure how she would be with small dogs or cats just because she has never been around them and we do not know how she would be!!! Rose is intact, she was scheduled for her OFA Eyes but they closed there office because of the virus, we plan to have her hips, elbows and heart done in April unless they close there office.  Rose will come with Full AKC Registration, so she will be breedable as long as she passes her clearances.  Rose is Ichthyosis Clear, her diet is Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 and NuVet Plus Tabs and NuVet Joint Supplements, you must commit to keeping her on the same diet throughout her life.  “Rose’s” adoption fee $8000.00, please serious inquires only!  You can contact me at or by text at 208-659-2538, or her trainer Dallon Parks at 435-512-9550.  Below is Roses pedigree.