“The Ruffinator”
AKC name is “Sportin’ Nitty Gritty***MH (Ruff) Ruff is on the left of his sire. He has 37 Derby Points, and #1 Derby Golden Retriever and #6 All Breed Nationally in 2007 & 2008. “Ruff” is qualified all age & is currently running field trials & hunt tests. At hunt tests he has 6 Master passes & received his “Master Hunt Title” this summer. He is hard driving on land, water and return. Very tractable, 80#-dark gold. Familial longevity, full dentition. He is loving, great in the house and just an all around well behaved guy. He is currently pictured in “Golden Retriever News” magazine, Nov/Dec 2010 issue, page 82 with his owner “Judy Bly” on “Urban Training”, showing how focused Ruff can be in a distraction-loaded urban training area. Ruff continues to amaze us with his talent. Jessi & Ruff’s pups are due Oct. 28th. Go to www.k9data.com and type in Ruff’s AKC name to see his linage. Below will be the puppies pedigree. ALL PUPS ARE SOLD!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Sportin’ Nitty Gritty

AKC SR27605801




Sportin’ Gold Standard MH AKC SN17286001

Wraith’s Duncan MH AKC SE328621
Sungold Firequacker SH AKC SE871759
Sungold Pica Pica AKC SN91223304 Sungold Seventh Son AKC SN112317
Sungold Samaritan AKC 25928802


MK’s Annies Jessica

AKC SR47991801

MK’s Benelli AKC SN91588702 Rusty’s Golden Reward AKC SN538882
Tiffany’s Lace AKC SN757178
MK’s Annie May AKC SN68748504 Sungold Seventh Son AKC SN112317
Sungold Such Luck AKC SN459304