MK’s Dazzel Me Baylie

SR89680101  DOB 9/06/2015

Sire: HR MK’s Rowdy Boys Raisin A Ruckus JH, SR63606901

Dam:  Skyriver MK’s Dazzel Me Ruby, SR69649703

Hips:  OFA Preliminary “Good”  Elbows:  OFA  “Normal”   Eyes: OFA “Normal”  Heart:  OFA “Normal”  Ichthyosis:  “Carrier”


Baylie is a nice balanced and very focused female, she has great pray drive and loves the water retrieves as well. She weights approx. 55 lbs,  she is fast and loves to stay busy and learns very quickly.  She comes from great field lines that include TNT’s Stanley Steamer, Cedarpond’s R.V., Emberain Rugby and many more.  Her offspring will be highly intelligent and very trainable dogs.

Pedigree of “Baylie “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: HR SHR MK’s Rowdy Boys Raisin A Ruckus JH  SR63606901  HRCH UH Heldts Mr Strike 3 Your Out  SHR HR UH Heldts Mr Hunter
 SHR High Spirited Double X Gabby
 HRCH UH Emma Bee Payne SH  HRCH Knight Payne Stewart
 UH HRCH Princess Bridgett Golden Amber Ace MH
DAM:  Skyriver MK’s Dazzel Me Ruby  SR69649703 FC AFC OTCH FTCH AFTCH Can MOTCH TNT’s Stanley Steamer UDX WCX Can MH OBHF FDHF OS  FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond’s R.V. Am *** OS Can FDHF
 Brassfire’s Mustang Sally MNH MH MNR MNHF WCX ** OD
 Porjay’s Black Eyed Pea JH AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF
 Porjay’s Gone With The Wind SH WCX