Molly & Rowdy
DUE 12/20/19
2 weeks old.

The one with the black slash is a very unique little girl.  She is very special, nothing wrong or abnormal with her.  It’s a Somatic Mutation.The black spot phenomenon happens in golden and yellow Labrador retrievers  when dog experiences a somatic mutation that turns the e/e to E/e.  e/e is the genotype that produces the yellow to red coat color in golden retrievers and yellow Labs.  If they had the E/e  or E/e genotype, they would either be black dogs or liver/chocolate dogs.

It’s not a really a birthmark. It’s just a somatic mutation.

Because this is a mutation in the somatic cells, it is not passed on from generation to generation. Breeding a dog with these spots to another dog will not produce spotted puppies.

Molly’s 2018 litter!
PUPPY PRICE for AKC Limited $1700.00 & AKC Full Reg. $2200.00
These pups will make great family friends as well as upland & waterfowl, they will go anyway you want them to with proper training, A TRAINED DOG IS A HAPPY DOG! Molly & Rowdy love the water and they are both powerful swimmers, they have great noses to find the downed bird and will retrieve forever. They both love people and have the typical golden retriever personality.
Rowdy has a nice broad beautiful head, beautiful field coat that is dark red and is very muscular. He loves to please, very talented & intelligent, he has been very easy to train, loves the field and hunting. His pups have proved to be very trainable, great family dogs as well as hunters.
Molly out playing.
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Updated 11/18/19