Canyon and Rowdy’s litter DOB 7/7/18

10!  6 females and 4 males!

Ready to go to there new homes approx. 8/25/18.


1 week old.

2 weeks old and eyes open!

3 weeks old and moving around just a bit more!

4 weeks!


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Canyon delivered 10 beautiful pups and they are doing great.  She is from the famous ‘Sungold” lines and her pups will go in any direction that you want!  They will be super smart and very trainable weather the hunter in the field to the active family dog.  They will just want to please there owner.  She is a sweet girl with a big smile, she has that very friendly golden retriever personality!  PUPPY PRICE is $1700.00 for AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION and $2200.00 for AKC FULL REGISTRATION.